Does The World Really Need Another Purse?

Just do it! No big deal, just push the button Tam…push it!!!!” No, these aren’t lyrics to a Salt ‘n Pepa remix, alas, they are merely some of the (more coherent) thoughts swimming around my head as I get ready to officially launch my very first website. You’d think I was a surgeon about to perform some intricate procedure but no, tis only wee little me, a dusty african girl with a needle and thread and a dream of bettering her continent.

Zathu Accessories, and its website, has been a while in the making – about 2 years to be exact since I hand stitched my first clutch bag, and while I’d like to blame, the economy, timing, saboteurs and the like for this unnecessarily long gestation period, I’m afraid that wouldn’t be altogether fair. While I have encountered the usual setbacks faced by any start-up company, I must admit that the biggest one has been, myself – well my fear to be more precise. I’m currently recovering from an acute form of analysis paralysis which carries symptoms of procrastination, self doubt, purpose questioning and the occasional towel-in-throwing, the latter I’ve found, doesn’t seem to last very long despite its frequent and often dramatic manifestations. The thing that has always kept me from comepletely giving up, is purpose. Mine individually but Zathu’s more specifically – the idea that this really could make a lasting and significant impact in people lives. Does the world really need another clutch purse? I mean in the bigger scheme of things – how much good can a handbag really do? Probably very little if any. But the more I press on the more I discover that this brand doesn’t just represent an aesthetic side of Africa, but rather, it represents something much bigger – Hope. Opportunity. Growth. Community.

From slowly buying supplies and equipment to registering my company & making it legit, to other mind-numbing, detail oriented tasks that seemed insurmountable for a creative person like myself, I’ve found that by labouring through the mundane tasks & embracing admin (uugh) I’ve been able to really take ownership of the brand and moreover, dig deep to discover it’s true purpose. The challenges I’ve faced setting up Zathu have tested and proven my commitment to seeing this dream not only fulfilled but going beyond anything I could even ask or even imagine as it grows.

Launching Zathu has not happened in isolation, thankfully there have been many supporting roles along the way, so if anything, I owe it to that community to see this through. So after some encouraging words from friends and family, a swift but loving kick in the pants from hubby dearest and a sober stock take of my motives & intensions for starting a business,  I finally decided to push the button and “launch the site”! Cue: fireworks and triumphant orchestral score!) I hope you will enjoy having a look around, sign up for more blog updates, check out some DIY videos over on my YouTube channel or even take a gander in the store and shop for a unique accessory.

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